A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

Continuing Education

The American Institute of Architects plays an active role in the continuing education of its members.  We strive to provide valued opportunities for AIA members to maximize their professional skills through effective learning partnerships with firms, continuing education providers, and all AIA components.

AIA member continuing education requirements include 18 hours of learning units, 8 of which must address health, safety, and welfare (HSW).  In addition, 4 of the 8 HSW units must address sustainable design (SD).

The San Joaquin Chapter of the AIA provides continuing opportunities to achieve learning units.  The AIASJ Lecture Series, Lunch and Learn program, and specialized seminars are just a few of the ways in which education units can be gained locally.  Many of these programs are provided at little to no cost for AIASJ members.  Please navigate through other links on our chapter’s website for more information about specific programs.

To find CES Approved Providers, view your AIA Member Transcript, or to become an AIA / CES Provider, click here to go to the education page on the American Institute of Architects national website.